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“What did you say?” He whispered coarsely.

I was shocked at his voice, it had the same tone my mother used when I was little and said that grandma was fat. I half expected Eric to pull out a wooden spoon from his desk drawer and smack my knuckles.

“Someone stole the school mascot.” I said, cowering behind my words.


“Well, I don’t know!” I responded emphatically, “All I know is that our gnat is gone!”

“Scabbie?! Gone?” I may be exaggerating when I say that there were tears in his eyes, but it is the honest truth that his voice began to quake as he said those words.

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“So that’s it? You’ve come to save me but a pile of gold is more important? I suppose then that I am to be eaten by your stupid dragon?”

James slowly turned his head toward the sound. There was Lisa: hanging from the dragon’s mouth, arms still crossed.

“Well.” James stood up from his treasure clutching position. “You are just a figment of my imagination. Right?” Lisa said nothing. She didn’t have to. James knew that he couldn’t leave her to be eaten, even if it was just his imagination.

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Sweetest Jasmine,


I must thank you for all those wonderful years of believing in me and keeping me company. I knew you would return again someday. But I must leave now. Keep what is hanging on my lowest branch as a reminder of our bond. Good-bye Jasmine, and thank you for finding your way back.

Love, Quercus.

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